Evergreen Farm Christmas Tree Farm is a casual and intimate family farm, owned and operated by Richard and Wendy Philipps. We have been growing trees on the farm since 1989. There are 15 acres of Christmas trees of several varieties cultivated on the property.

We grow top quality Christmas trees which are raised, tended to, for years to provide your family with the perfect Christmas tree. We follow the industry best practices of Integrated Pest Management to provide environmentally safe crop production. Each tree takes about 8 years to grow from seedlings. Each tree is sheared annually to provide that Christmas tree perfect shape.

We feature Douglas Fir, Frazier Fir, Spruce and Concolor Fir that range in height from 5 ft. to 10 ft tall.

You and your family and friends will enjoy a fun filled day choosing and cutting your own Christmas tree. There is ample parking.

We offer full services. You may cut your own or just simply pick it out and we will cut it and carry it for you. Bailing and handsaws for those who wish to cut their own are free. Our staff is available to assist you at every step to make your entire experience fun filled and stress free. Hot Chocolate, donuts and cookies are available for purchase in our wreath barn.

Take as long as you like, there is no rush, to find the perfect tree. There are thousands of trees to choose from.